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8 Things you may not know about Haymarket

8 Things you may not know about Haymarket

Haymarket is the quintessential old-Boston market. A melting pot of people, food, and cultures all nestled on a small back street right next to Faneuil Hall. If your only experience with buying produce is at the supermarket Haymarket may frighten you a little. There’s a few nuances that seem to be unknown to the public. [Continue]

Tag, I’m IT.

There’s firsts for everything, this time it’s the first time that I’ve been tagged for a meme. I’ve been tagged from the other side of the globe by a young girl from Singapore. (foodgeek has made it to Singapore, pretty amazing.) So here’s the deal: – Players must list one fact, word or tidbit that [Continue]

Mostly settled…

Mostly settled…

It’s been almost a month since my last post. In that time I’ve: started a new job, got a new house, and moved in…mostly. I’m still unpacking what seems to be hundreds of boxes with no end in sight. The good news is that my kitchen is almost completely unpacked and ready to go. Things [Continue]

Bye Bye San Diego, the kitchen is closed

The eater, the dog, and I are heading out of San Diego tomorrow; the kitchen is all packed up and we’re packing up the truck today. Our four plus years in San Diego were excellent but we’re moving back to Boston to new jobs, old friends, and the possibility of a house with a yard. [Continue]

It’s berry season

I’m giving out some link love this week… You can tell what time of year it is just by all the berries I’m seeing lately. Last week the CSA delivered strawberries, this week I got mullberries. I’m not the only one with berries on my mind: Peabody makes a blackberry jam cake The pastry girl [Continue]

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