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eek! A mouse!

eek! A mouse!

Actually, make that seven mice. Yes, my kitchen has been invaded by mice. I thought I kept a neat and tidy kitchen, but those little buggers managed to find their way in and sample every item on my metro rack. I lost everything including a nice stash of Guittard chocoalte, 10kg I’d guess. If you [Continue]


OMG! I went another whole month without showing off any food! I’m not sure what’s going on these days, the food gets eaten before I get the camera out! I even got a point and shoot camera to try and remedy my loathing of photoshopping all these pictures, I guess it backfired. I promise a [Continue]

Whoa! What happened?

Sorry about the unplanned outage. Last night we upgraded WordPress to version 2.3.2. We were a bit behind on updates and wanted to get things back (close) to the current version. We had to create a new site for testing just in case there was a disaster. Once we got everything working properly, we cut [Continue]

It has come to this…

It has come to this…

The long cold winter is sucking my will to cook anything new and exciting. In the meantime, I continue to eat pizza and buy expensive produce from California. Is it spring yet? [Continue]

Where’d December Go?

I can’t believe December is almost gone. It has been almost a month since my last post! I think I have some excuses I can use… My dogs were sick I’ve been eating nothing but ramen and take-out my camera is in the shop There’s no food in my house to cook I was buried [Continue]

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