eek! A mouse!

Actually, make that seven mice.

Yes, my kitchen has been invaded by mice. I thought I kept a neat and tidy kitchen, but those little buggers managed to find their way in and sample every item on my metro rack. I lost everything including a nice stash of Guittard chocoalte, 10kg I’d guess. If you remember this photo:

eater eating

I lost THREE of those, one half eaten. Add to that about ten pounds of flour, a pile of assorted snacks, and some Asian noodles and you can start to imagine how mad I was. I have since removed all the fouled food and washed, cleaned, and sanitized just about every surface and item in the kitchen.

The mice appear to have been coming in from a few cracks the basement which I have since patched up with spray insulation. The mice are now being forcibly removed with snap traps and peanut butter. I really didn’t want to exterminate them, but they carry all sorts of bad things AND I owe them for getting into the chocolate. If we ignore all the bad things they’ve done, the score stands Jef 7 – Mice 0.

They ate my chocolate, I don’t feel bad about it anymore.

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6 Responses to “eek! A mouse!”

  • brian says:

    Does chocolate have the reputed ill effects on mice as it does on dogs? You’d think they would have exterminated themselves if that were the case.

  • geek says:

    The mice are gone…for now.
    The kitchen is clean like a lab now, too! Soon the chocolate will make a comeback.

  • Francijn says:

    Something I use already: mice love chocolate. I caught some using that knowledge. And peanut butter too, by the way.
    But it’s a shame, the mice eating your chocolate!

  • Dad says:

    Hi Jeff

    I think I can talk Mon into giving one of our cats. That you think. The dogs will love it.

  • sher says:

    Yes! I’m an animal lover, but really–they pushed the boundaries when they went after the chocolate. In fact, they must have come inside just to get it.

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