8 Things you may not know about Haymarket

Haymarket is the quintessential old-Boston market. A melting pot of people, food, and cultures all nestled on a small back street right next to Faneuil Hall. If your only experience with buying produce is at the supermarket Haymarket may frighten you a little. There’s a few nuances that seem to be unknown to the public. With that in mind, here’s 8 things you may not have known about Haymarket. (and may just help you out along the way)

  1. Haymarket is not a farmer’s market. The produce you buy here is surplus produce that is sold to local supermarkets that you may already visit. The produce may come from halfway around the world or right down the street; if you care, ask.
  2. Don’t touch the goods. The vendors are more than happy to choose and bag your produce for you. I know this sounds scary, but they aren’t trying to sell you bad items, they just want their displays kept nice.
  3. The vendors may seem scary but they are actually quite nice. Take a minute to talk to them and you’ll find out for yourself.
  4. You can barter. Want a box of tomatoes, a case of onions, 25 watermelons, make an offer. You’d be surprised at the deals you can get if you just ask.
  5. Friday mornings will get you the best variety. If you get there early enough, you can beat the chefs to all the good stuff.
  6. Saturday afternoon will get you the best deals. The vendors don’t want to haul this stuff away – this is a good time to try #4.
  7. Cash is king. This is a market not a grocery store. Bring cash or you’ll only go home with memories.
  8. Hours of operation: Friday and Saturday – Dawn to dark. Rain, snow, wind, hail, sun, this place never stops.
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