A damn good sandwich

Mozarella Sandwich

The eater always tells me I make the best sandwiches. My formula for a good sandwich starts with good bread. Leave the Wonder bread for toast and find something good – something with a good crust, something with an unusal flavor, or something with a nice airy texture. I then try to match the ingredients in the sandwich with the bread. You can never say too much about good, fresh vegetables or top-quality deli-meats, don’t skimp here! Finally, to hold everything together, you need a good spread. Dry sandwiches just aren’t any good so find something to bind it all together and marry the flavors. To top everything off, garnish the sandwich with something fun, like olives, and pile on the potato chips…mmmmm, potato chips.

Here’s one I almost deleted and didn’t show everyone.

  • Whole Foods focaccia bread
  • Fresh mozzarella
  • Homegrown sprouts
  • Red leaf lettuce
  • Ripe, hydroponic tomato (hey, it’s still winter in New England)
  • Olive tapenade /mayo mix

It was a damn good sandwich, I can’t lie.

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