Inside Edition: The Fridge

Last week, Sam over at Beck’s and Posh posed the question, “What does your unedited fridge look like?” I figured I’d take some pictures of the silver box and detail what is inside. While I generally don’t stock the sort of ingredients that Alice Q. or David Lebovitz does but here we go:

Starting with the door in no particular order:

Condiments, lots of boring American ones: ketchup, mustard, mayo, Japanese mayo, tabasco, worcestershire. A few Asian staples: mirin, sriracha, chili paste. Rounding it all out is milk, some water (tap, the best!), an opened bottle of wine, olives, capers, and cream.

On the top shelf there’s some cooked wheat berries, black beans, Trader Joe’s greek style yogurt, and some pita bread.

Pretty much the rest of the fridge is loaded with CSA fruits and veggies from Wednesday.

If you’re wondering what’s in the toothpaste tube, it is fancy dog treats.

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