A little pizza…

I saw these little pizzas at a new restaurant opened near my place called Urban Plates. They were small and thin and topped with some interesting ingredients. I just knew I could recreate these at home without much trouble. I used the same dough recipe from my pissaladièr Here’s my take on a few…

Old reliable: sauce and cheese.

Summer Veggie: zucchini, fresh tomato, and mozzarella.

The little stinker: Blue cheese, apricot jam, walnuts, and micro greens.

Pesto Mesto: Cilantro pesto, egg, and micro basil.

Obviously you can top these however you’d like. Since they are so small, you should try all sorts of combinations; if they don’t work, there’s always another one waiting. By the way if you love pizzas, you might want to read the new post at brooklyncraftpizza – best pizza places to come.

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