I’m feeling hotHotHOT!

Back when we lived in San Diego we used to frequent this sushi joint called Sushi Deli. Sushi Deli offered all sorts of west coast maki-roll delights, none of which I’ve ever seen at a normal sushi bar on the east coast. One of our favorite maki rolls was the Hot-Hot California Roll.

There isn’t anything all that special about these rolls. They are a standard California roll (krab and avocado rolled inside-out) topped with a spicy mayo sauce and baked in a toaster oven. I’m not sure why they taste so good, but they do!

When I moved back to the east coast I was disappointed to find out these weren’t available anywhere around here. Like the good chef I am, I decided to fashion my own version of these rolls.

There are many recipes out there for California rolls and methods on how to make them but instead of trying to explain the whole process, a video is in order. This video is a good demonstration on how to make a California Roll. Inside-out maki rolls aren’t all that hard to make, they just require a little bit of organization and a little more practice.

The hot-hot sauce is a simple sauce that you will find goes on all sorts of things. When heated under a broiler, the sauce gets a nice crust on the top. The sauce is made of sriracha hot sauce and kewpi brand mayo thinned down with some water. Make it mild, make it spicy, it’s all up to you!

Once you have the rolls all made up and cut; spoon the sauce over the sliced rolls and slap them in the toaster oven until the tops get all brown and bubbly. The sauce is hot (temperature) and hot (spicy) completing the hot-hot duo in the Hot-Hot California.

Do make and eat these, they’re worth the hassle.

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  • Tiara says:

    Sushi Making Classes in the San Diego area?For Valentines Day I want to take my boyfriend to a sushi miknag class. I can’t seem to find any resturaunt or place that offers that sort of thing. Price isn’t the issue, though under $100 a person would be nice, but somewhere that has classes seems to be impossible to find.It doesn’t have to be on that DAY, any place that does sushi roll classes during the weekend evenings would be perfect.Any ideas?

  • MichellePC says:

    Blue Taleh in Lowell offers a larger variety of sushi than I’ve seen anywhere else in this area. They make a tuna tostada dish that is raw tuna with fried seaweed, covered in a similar spicy sauce. Highly recommended!

  • Rianne says:

    YUM! Never thought of toasting Cali rolls. The sauce sounds perfect 🙂

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