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Two months of posts finally in the book! I wasn’t sure we could keep it up this long, but we endure. The eater is still a bit lazy shy to post, although she is dutifully keeping up her eating duties. If you’re keeping score on who’s posting more: Eater – 3 Foodie – 7. (I’m winning! \o/)

We’re taking a short break because…It’s vacation time for the foodgeek household. The dog is off to Alpine Dog Ranch and the eater and I are off to Waikiki. I’ll be sure to eat lots of delicious Hawaiian food, take pictures, and think about all of the posts I can upload when I get back. Have no fear; we’ll be back in a week!

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  • foodie says:

    The vacation was good, I’ve got a little fuel for some new posts…

    The dog loved the ranch and the ranch loved the dog. I think they were sad to see him go, but we were happy to see him return.

  • Alice Q. Foodie says:

    That Alpine Dog Ranch place looks pretty cool – I think I will look into that for boarding my dogs next time we go out of town! Have a great vacation and see you when you get back! – Alice

  • caroline says:

    I’ve been patiently waiting all 2 months long for more posts. I think they’ve been great so far! I’d love to see you continue blogging!

    That said, everyone needs a vacation. Enjoy yours!

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