breakfast anyone?

I tend not to like traditional breakfast foods. I don’t usually eat cereal, hardly ever make pancakes, and usually save the eggs for pastries. If I am going to make breakfast, it usually ends up being French toast or a half of grapefruit, or some yummy pastries. Today I wanted eggs, so I made an omelet.

Here’s my take on breakfast: A three-egg omelet stuffed with some random greens from the CSA, green onions, and goat cheese. Not happy with just eggs for breakfast, I scavenged some extra items left over from the CSA: a few radishes and a half of avocado. To finish it all off, I added some fresh smoked pork sausages that a coworker of mine made. I didn’t even warm them up and they were still damn good cold.
It was so good, I didn’t even leave you any. 🙂

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