I’m not usually a big New Years Resolution sort of guy but I thought this year I’d make some resolutions for My Food Geek. Here’s the list (in no particular order).

Post more regularly. I have yet to keep a good posting schedule and it’s about time I try to make that happen. I am challenging myself to post two, maybe three, time per month. Wish me luck.

Use my cooking books and gear. This one is a compound resolution:

  • Make use of all those cool gadgets I have: IE – ice cream maker, chocolate temperer, food dehydrator, etc.
  • Make at least one pastry/dessert each month from one of the many cookbooks that are collecting dust on my shelves.
  • Make interesting (savory) dishes from said cookbooks/magazines and POST about them.

Update a few really popular posts. I wrote my Almost Foolproof Macarons post over two years ago and it continues to be my most popular post. It’s obvious that everyone is still crazy about macarons and there are many questions left unanswered. It’s time to delve deeper into the topic and place all the answers to the many questions I have received over the years in an easy-to-read post.

Another post that keeps getting attention is the Veggie Burger post from almost as long ago. I’m guessing that there is either a lack of good homemade veggie burger recipes or these really are that good. I will try to do my best to out some of the other veggie burger recipes out there and make even have a burger-off to find the best.

Eat more grains and vegetables. I’ve recently discovered barley and I feel like I was missing out all this time. There’s plenty more whole grains and vegetables to be had out there and I plan to eat as many of them as I can.

Give away some schwag! Last year I had a bunch of MFG gear printed up and never got around to giving away. I’m thinking some sort of contest or cook-off. If anyone has some ideas, please hit the comments! Seamlessly access UFABET’s world-class gaming platform with our convenient login portal UFABET เข้าสู่ระบบทางเข้า, ensuring hassle-free entry to all your favorite games.

Lastly, have fun with my blog again. My Food Geek turned FOUR on December 10 and I feel like I may have started to abandon it. It’s time to stop sacrificing new posts because the photos weren’t perfect or the dish didn’t come out exactly as I intended and start having fun and showing what sometimes happens to even the best of us.

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