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I always try to find the food with the least amounts of ingredients. This article is a good reason: [Continue]

I’m feeling hotHotHOT!

I’m feeling hotHotHOT!

Back when we lived in San Diego we used to frequent this sushi joint called Sushi Deli. Sushi Deli offered all sorts of west coast maki-roll delights, none of which I’ve ever seen at a normal sushi bar on the east coast. One of our favorite maki rolls was the Hot-Hot California Roll. There isn’t [Continue]

Bacon is a tool in my toolbox

How is this for some hot bacon death?!,2933,516991,00.html [Continue]

The holy grail of kitchen gadget porn.

These are some serious kitchen gadgets! [Continue]



The staff artist takes some short cuts. [Continue]

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