what’s going on?

I will refrain from apologizing for the lack of posts…

So what’s going on in foodgeek land? I’d have to say a whole lot of nothing. Really, nothing.

There isn’t a whole lot of cooking going on lately, just geek stuff. I somehow acquired a 3G iPhone and I’ve been lost in geektitude for the past two weeks now. That would explain the last two (very small) posts and the crappy pictures. Mobile WordPress and the iPhone camera gets the job done. I figured a few small snippets here and there would be better than weeks of nothingness.

Contrary to popular belief, my camera is not broken. I did not lend it out. The batteries don’t need to be  charged. The desire to take photos just isn’t quite there these days. Food gets made and eaten, pictures are forgotten. I have many good excuses including:

  • my dishes aren’t nice
  • the lighting is poor
  • I really need a (sweep, light kit, macro lens, food stylist, etc)

The real reason – I’ve just been lazy. 😛

To clutter up the page a bit more, I’ve added a Twitter stream. Ever wonder what else I might do? Want to see random phone pics? Want to be one of my followers? Follow me on Twitter! (note: since 12817605128971 people use Twitter, I had to go with a less optimal name, nocjef. All the good names I wanted are gone.)

UPDATE!! I’ve changed over to a new twitter username: myfoodgeek

I’ve got some pics hiding on one of my camera, maybe I’ll throw up a real post one of these days. Surely there will be more mobile posts as I cannot put this iPhone down. There is a geek in foodgeek afterall.

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