I’m a farmer’s market addict (Lexington, MA farmer’s market)

I know what you’re thinking, “but don’t you get farm-fresh veggies delivered by your CSA each and every week?” Yes, I do but what can I say, I’m a greedy geek. Sometimes the CSA just doesn’t provide everything I want to eat each week. I know this may come as a shock, but what else can I say. Each and every Tuesday I drive out to Lexington for this wonderful farmer’s market. I’m addicted and I’m not ashamed.

How could I resist this? Flowers, fruits, vegetables, breads, fresh meats – my head usually explodes when I get there. Strangely, I don’t end up leaving with much at all.

This stall is pretty much the reason why I make the trek to Lexington each week: Local, grass-fed beef. Yes, it is more expensive, but happy local cows are worth my hard-earned dough. It really does taste better and I hear it’s supposed to be better for you, too! I’m working my way through the list, I’ve tried: rib-eye, sandwich steak, london broil, ground beef, kabobs, and the short ribs. I’m not sure I’ll ever make it to the tongue or the liver.

Perennials for sale? Are you kidding me? This place really does have everything!


I couldn’t pass up the table of berries. Say goodbye to strawberry season and hello to raspberry and blueberry time! I walked away with one of each here. This guy was even selling sour cherries, something I’ve never seen sold in a New England supermarket.

The market is quickly changing over to summertime staples like tomatoes and corn while the spring greens are slowly on their way out. The market really helps to show you what’s in season (and what isn’t in season but being sold at the grocery store anyways).

If you’re interested in checking this place out, all of their information (including who’s going to be there) is located on their website: www.lexingtonfarmersmarket.org

Is it Tuesday yet?

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