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Culinary Flags

Mmmm, culinary flags: [Continue]


Some very cool cupcakes here. I think I need to try to make the coffee and donut cupcakes or the apple pie cupcakes. [Continue]

Digging out of a food rut.

Digging out of a food rut.

I’m using these ingredients, ass suggested by Jimmy John’s Owner to dig out of my food rut: Bacon. Cheese. Eggs. Parsley. Pasta. The kitchen has been a lonely place in the Food Geek household lately. Lately, instead of creating masterpieces in the kitchen, I’m eating fast food, fish tacos, Mexican food, and whatever else I [Continue]

Tourte Aux Blettes

Tourte Aux Blettes

Greens! Greens! Greens! This tart is so easy, you have no reason not to try it. [Continue]

Replicate this!

MIT gets us one step closer to a food replicator! [Continue]

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