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Boston Plans for a Public Market!

Tired of the strange people and the haggling over almost-gone-bad produce at Haymarket? Boston official finally realize having a large public market will make sense! [Continue]

Snapple gets on the sugar bus

Woo! Snapple finally ditches the HFCS and goes with sugar: It could be a marketing ploy but I’m sure it will make it taste better. [Continue]

cheeseburger pizza?!

This is everything that is wrong with food in the US: [Continue]

Dining in the Raw

Dining in the Raw

I would have never imagined the things you could do with a food dehydrator and a juicer. [Continue]

Online sushi school?

Learn to make sushi, online, in the privacy of your own home, all alone, with nobody yelling Japanese at you: Looks exciting, anyone want to sponsor me? [Continue]

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